You Started It clan rules

All people from age 16 and up are welcome in our clan. We are a clan who play for fun so no skills are asked for. Just have fun and be polite to others

1. Anticheat
We actively fight against cheating. Obviously, it’s fully prohibited to use any cheat, game hack, DVar or any other programs which allows accessing to powers that other players don’t have. If you suspect someone of cheating, please report immediately to Cerberus or Nostrono. Before report, you have to catch a cheater in action ( demo, screenshot… ). Caught cheaters will be permanently banned without summation. If a member of our clan is found cheating, the member will instantly be banned from our clan.

2. TeamSpeak
When you join teamspeak, choose the channel of the game you play. Always talk English. conversations with a sexual content are prohibited as long as there are minors on the chat.

3. Clan tags
The official YSI Clan tag is [YSI]. Anybody not wearing the tag will not be considered as a member of our clan. If you just applied, go on our TeamSpeak and ask for a Commander/Clan Leader. In the meanwhile you can put on the trial tag wich is [YSItr]

5. Administrators
The TeamSpeak server administrators are Cerberus and Tatari. Nobody else is allowed to change anything to the teamspeak servers.

6. Clan Leader
Cerberus is the founder of the YSI clan. If there is any dispute, Cerberus has the final decision.

7.Appeal/ complaints
For any appeal or complaints you can turn to Cerberus, Tatari or Maximus.

If you agree with all that rules you are free to join the [YSI] Clan !